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Sara Modlin-Tucker, D.O.

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Pathways to Healing

Welcome to Let’s Move Mindfully, a site on improving pain with mind, body, and spirit!

As an osteopathic physician and family medicine doctor, I’m excited to share with you my knowledge and experience on how we can manage pain by addressing our mind, body, and spirit.

My approach to care is rooted in warmth, love, and compassion, and I want every person to feel heard, valued, and cared for. Whether you’re a busy mom or anyone struggling with pain, I’m here to guide you through the journey of healing and renewal.

Through mindfulness practices, emotional processing, and bodywork such as yoga, ergonomics, stretching, and strengthening exercises, I’ll help you explore the powerful connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

I want to empower you with practical tips and insights that you can use to take control of your pain and enhance your overall wellbeing. So, let’s start this journey together, with warmth and love guiding us every step of the way!


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for managing pain. By focusing on the present moment and tuning in to our physical sensations, we can reduce our pain and improve overall wellbeing. I’ve seen firsthand how mindfulness can transform the lives of my patients. Through simple yet effective techniques, such as deep breathing and body scans, we can learn to work with and reduce our pain. So, let’s embrace the power of mindfulness together and live a more fulfilling life.


Emotions feed our spirit and they play a critical role in our experience of pain. Stress, anxiety, and negative emotions can exacerbate our pain levels. From identifying triggers to practicing self-compassion, we’ll work to cultivate emotional awareness and resilience. By learning to process our emotions in a healthy way and cultivating positive emotions, we can reduce the impact of pain on our lives and achieve greater overall wellbeing.


By making small adjustments to posture and ergonomics, incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises, and using manual bodywork techniques, you can greatly reduce pain and improve overall physical function. By exploring ways to optimize the body’s function, you can reduce pain and increase overall quality of life!

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