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When we take care of our selves, even in small ways, we can be more powerful and effective in our daily lives.

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At Lets Move Mindfully, we believe that you can improve your pain in three key ways! You can start feeling better by utilizing the Mind, Body and Spirit.

“I never knew I could feel like this. I thought the pain was just the way it was and would never feel better.”

Sadie D.
woman doing yoga in warrior 2 pose

Move Your Body

Learn new ways to access your body that can help you to improve your pain. There are so many ways we can move mindfully and improve the way our body interacts with our world.

Use Your Mind

Learn to access your mind to transform your relationship with your body. Reprogram your brain to change the way your process your pain.

watercolor woman with red hair meditating
woman watercolor with butterflies, releasing emotions

Process Your Emotions

Use your emotional health to improve your pain! Learn techniques and tricks on how to process emotions so that you can release them instead of hold on to them and store them your body.